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Thank you so much to everyone who has arrived at this page, as it means you've clicked on the link! It may seem like a small task, but just by donating a small (or large) amount of money you are making a huge difference!

In 2014 I volunteered in Malawi for ten weeks.
I was part of the International Citizenship Service (ICS) scheme, which brings young people together to fight poverty and make a difference where it is needed most. I worked alongside volunteers from Malawi, on a project that utilised a wide range of extracurricular activities from sports, arts and IT to engage young people on social, health and general educational issues. As part of the project volunteers helped increase the association’s reach through helping carry out various activities with local young people; planning events, through awareness raising work through research into helping develop a sustainable development plan for the project.
ICS works with communities that have specifically requested their help. It also aims to inspire young people in the UK and overseas to become active citizens who are passionate about long term community development.
I have therefore seen, first hand, the positive guidance and support that Lattitude Global Volunteering has to offer to developing countries, such as Malawi.

Any contribution from you will make a real difference to the lives of people in developing countries and every little helps!
Thanks for your support!


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